Welcome to the public website for the New Mexico Unit of the Central Arizona Project EIS

The United States Department of the Interior (DOI), Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) Lower Colorado Region and the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission (ISC) are preparing an environmental impact statement (EIS) for the New Mexico Unit (NM Unit) of the Central Arizona Project (CAP).

The Arizona Water Settlements Act of 2004, Public Law 108-451 (AWSA), authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to contract with water users in New Mexico for water from the Gila River, its tributaries including the San Francisco River in New Mexico, and underground water sources. The NM Unit is the proposed infrastructure that would divert Gila River water in New Mexico for this purpose. The AWSA contains specific requirements for the Secretary of the Interior regarding the possible construction, operation, and maintenance of a NM Unit on the Gila River in New Mexico.


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