Area of Interest


Project overview Images (june 2018)


Detailed, Zoomable Google Earth file (june 2018)

Download Google Earth for free here.

Proposed Action as of June 28, 2018 (KMZ file)

Using the link above, you can download a KMZ file showing the proposed action for the New Mexico Unit of the Central Arizona Project in Google Earth. This file shows the proposed action as of June 28, 2018 and corresponds to the maps shown at the project scoping meetings in July 2018. When viewing this file, you can navigate around the project area to see where proposed facilities and pipelines may be constructed as well as where facilities already exist.

For easy-to-follow information on how to use the Google Earth Map, see the User Guide.

Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Click the right-facing arrow beside a component to see the facility types that are shown within it. You can then expand the facility types to see the individual facilities.
  • Google Earth includes automatically populated information, such as photos and place markers. These are not part of the proposed action. You can turn these features off by unclicking the checkbox beside the name of that feature in the lower portion of the legend (so that there is no check inside the box).

NOTE: This map is for illustrative purposes only and does not portray exact locations of project features. The lines and facility markers represent proposed locations based on the proposed action as of June 28, 2018. Lines showing proposed facility and pipeline locations may appear to be misplaced for up to several minutes until the map finishes rendering.