Submitting comments during a comment period is the most effective way to make your voice heard in this EIS process.

The public scoping period ended on July 20, 2018. Reclamation and the NMISC will notify interested parties of the next formal opportunity for public comment. 

Guide to commenting

While every comment received will be considered, the most useful comments are those that provide specific, detailed information about the effects of the project and issues that should be considered for analysis in the EIS. For example, if a comment states that an action will have "significant environmental effects," further explanation of the relevant causes and environmental effects will help us refine and focus the alternatives and impact analysis. Commenting is not a form of "voting" on an alternative. The relative number of negative or positive comments an agency receives does not affect whether or not an action moves forward. Comments that are solution-oriented and provide specific examples will be the most helpful to the process. Comments that contribute to developing alternatives that address the purpose and need for the action will also be especially appreciated.